Seven months of constant demonstrations.

These people are actually doing something, they are standing up for what they believe is right. This takes courage and I have a lot of admiration for them. I am also impressed that the writer of the blog is standing for the Green Party – which together with the SNP, Plyd, Respect and other parties of the left, offer a genuine alternative to the mainstream offering of Austerity, with more austerity on the side : (bit like a sort of political version of the Python Spam song – minus the humour).

The poor side of life

Yesterday I was reminded by a comrade that we have now been demonstrating outside Ashton Under a Lyne Jobcentre for seven months. We have been there every Thursday and have been there in all weathers. Why do we continue you may ask? Someone said to me recently you aren’t making a difference. I can say the opposite, we are making a difference. Our presence has started the process of the DWP being held responsible for their actions. They of course don’t like this, but we aren’t there for them we are there for the victims of their cruel regime. The DWP got very nervous, not because we are violent, far from it. We aren’t aggressive but we are peaceful. We have one thing in common exposing the lies and the crimes in our eyes that are committed inside that building and others. They called us into a meeting, even tried…

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