On probation, sanctioned and hungry and the case of the invisible man.

This blog post is especially illustrative of the disjointed nature of our frankly, increasingly nasty society – inevitable, just so long as the present neo liberal free market nonsense consensus is adhered to by our political leaders. Incompetence? deliberate cruelty? Recruitment policy leading to DWP staff without the wherewithal to use discretion in applying the rules? I have no idea which option is the most likely – perhaps a combination of all three …..

The poor side of life

One issue that people don’t seem to talk about is the people who are on probation for whatever reason and are sanctioned. One gentleman came to us yesterday when we made an impromptu visit to Ashton Jobcentre. He was angry and quite rightly so. This man had been in trouble with the police in the past and was now trying to get his life on the straight and narrow. He attends probation which he said that he likes, they are helping him. The only problem that he has is the Jobcentre. He’s been put on universal credit and the Jobcentre staff are refusing to a knowledge his probation terms and conditions. They are saying that he has to go out of the house when his curfew is on and they have told him that they expect him to have the Internet at home. As a result this man has been…

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