National day of demonstrations against sanctions and attempted suicide by man who attends Ashton Jobcentre.

What is the purpose of the regime of sanctions, workfare schemes and the whole punishing slant of the increasing conditionality attached to claiming welfare support these days? The mainstream press, in general, fill the canvass of public opinion with negative “benefit cheat & scrounger” stories; whilst trumpeting the favorite political mainstream mantra of the “hard working family” or hard working “tax payer”. But, what is all this about? Many of the stories you might find published in the press are fabricated, taken out of context and in any case, even where a grain of truth is present, only representative of a tiny minority of welfare recipient. Also, in comparison to the eye watering sums involved in Corporate tax avoidance and high level fraud, not even qualifying as a drop in the bucket. I grow sick of hearing normally reasonable and intelligent people parroting the right wing, divisive shite spewed from the bowels of the DWP and their numpty Ministers. I am not religious, but if I was, I would now be praying to the vengeful god of the fallen walls of Jericho fame to pay Westminster a visit real soon …..

The poor side of life

Yesterday was the national day of demonstrations against sanctions organised by unite. We of course have been doing these demonstrations every week since August. August was the turning point for us, we saw how inhumane these sanctions were and we were determined to do something about them. Sanctioning a pregnant lady for no legal reason and then saying when she asked how she would feed her unborn baby “tough your not Ill you are pregnant get on with it” still haunts me.Without the help that she got both her and her unborn baby could have been yet another statistic for this government to use in their “return to work” statistics. Make no mistake the Jobcentres aren’t there to find you work anymore. Unlike the old days. They are now used to take people off the unemployment register in any way possible. It doesn’t matter how. Then this cruel government can…

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