Sunday Mirror’s Savage Attack On Elderly Women’s Wedding Shows Where The Labour Party Are Heading

The Labour party was created by the Trade Union and Cooperative movement in 1899 because the existing Political parties failed to represent the interests and aspirations of ordinary working people. The post 1945 Labour Government put in place the NHS and much of the welfare system that we have seen under attack from successive Governments over the last thirty years.

Sadly, the election of Tony Blair to the leadership of the Labour Party marks the beginning of a process that is now completed and will be confirmed with the election of a new leader (unless a miracle occurs and Corbyn gets in) – this being the death of the very last shred of the original Labour party. Labour was once for you, now it is not. Get over it, prepare to fight for a new dawn.

the void

Meet your class enemy.  Public school toff Lloyd Embley is editor of the Sunday and Daily Mirror Meet your class enemy. Public school toff Lloyd Embley is editor of both the Sunday and Daily Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror has given us a taste of what is soon to come from the Labour Party by printing an appalling attack on an elderly woman unable to work due to illness because she had the cheek to save up and spend a few quid on her wedding.

Todays top exclusive features the story of Richard Broom and Sandra Gallagher who recently spent £5000 on a marriage ceremony and reception after they saved money from their benefits and “borrowed from friends and family”.  You will rarely read a piece in any newspaper so dripping with class hatred and contempt for the poor.  Gallagher, who the paper calls a ‘granny bride’, is unable to work due to  a serious health condition whilst her partner is unemployed.  A few years ago Gallacher would…

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Paul Glendenning

Community Support worker, Green socialist and a believer and willing campaigner for an alternative to the presently dominant Neo-Liberal political consensus - as introduced by the arrival of the first Thatcher Government and slavishly followed by every UK Government since. For me, climate change, environmental degradation through pollution and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are the greatest threats facing humanity and threaten the very future of our species. I make common cause with those who share a will to create a more collective, tolerant and equitable World. Civilisation can only be measured by how well we as a society care for and support the most vulnerable within our population. Sadly, right at this time in our history; there are as yet undiscovered tribes within the deepest rainforest who would be demonstrably more civilised than the UK in 2019.

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