Over 90,000 Children Now In Temporary Accommodation As The Homelessness Epidemic Gets Even Worse

Once again, Jonnyvoid shines a light into the dark recesses of our contemporary political culture. A culture that routinely encourages people to blame the victims of a frankly; vicious economic / socio-political consensus for the hardships and privations that are imposed upon them.

There is an agenda – not exactly well hidden – behind all of this growth in homelessness and insecure tenancy – apart from the desire of some of our political leaders to see those friends, families and associates, many of whom have “interests” in the private rented sector; grow richer. This rather more sinister “desire” is rooted in politics and ideology; a plan to take our nation back to a pre 1939 state, complete with Workhouses and a “poor law” to ensure that not only are many of our most economically disadvantaged simply swept off the streets and into virtual open prisons – which will be called something like “work-centres” and doubtless, be run by one or more of those lovely outsourcing companies so beloved of contemporary Government (of BOTH Conservative and Labour colour).
Companies such as G4S or Capita perhaps ….. But (and here’s the rub), said “inmates” would provide yet another layer of cheap / free / slave (delete your choice) labour for those political paymasters out there in tax dodging corporate heaven to grow richer and fatter upon. By happy coincidence, this 21st century version of a Dickensian Nation would also ensure that a suitable climate of fear continues to help persuade those just about managing to hang onto their lives at the lower end of the economic pile to put up with as much BULLSHIT as their employers require, in order to avoid falling into the shite pile so carefully prepared for them ….

Oh the joy of living in shitty Britania …..

the void

homeless-march1There are now over 90,000 children living in temporary accommodation according to the latest official statistics – a rise of over 15% in just one year.

The number of these families living in B&Bs – which usually just means one room, often with shared facilities – has leapt by a shocking 35% compared to a year earlier.  990 of these families had been living in this kind of accommodation for over six weeks, over double the number from the same period last year.

Every measure of homelessness has risen according to the latest statistics, with 13,520 households accepted as homeless by Local Authorities between January and March 2015, a jump of 8% on a year earler.

The main reason for families becoming homeless was the loss of an assured tenancy with a private sector landlord.  Soaring rents, stagnant wages and shrinking benefits – combined with a barely regulated private rental…

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