Priti Fascist

Priti well Almost Fascism



As the heavens open and the homes of many are inundated, Boris remains unseen; by all but the mice of a Kentish mansion. Within well appointed offices at the pinnacle of the Home Office, meanwhile, the recently appointed Home Secretary strides with righteous zeal through the domain of her department’s most senior mandarins. In her wake, an unscheduled early resignation or two, whispered accusations of bullying and an apparent heart attack after a sleepless night trying to burnish a turd into something that might pass as political gold.

An almost entirely unworkable immigration points system tucked neatly under her ample shoulder pads, Priti Patel seems determined to remodel the outlook and image of her newly acquired political prize, but what exactly might this new image most resemble?

Scratch beneath the surface of the Home Secretary’s more recent pronouncements and we may just begin to understand. Priti, so it seems, has never been exactly reticent about her attitude towards law and order and her personal preferences regarding its maintenance. Her speeches are replete with the usual red-meat to please her party faithful together with the more easily influenced tabloid led elements of the populous, only, whilst most previous incumbents of her office have promised with fingers crossed and an order for more healthy white meat (and possibly even tofu) already made, Priti really does believe in what those “hang ‘em and floggers crave. Whilst the Prime Minister blusters and pretends to be a harmless clown, Patel has already been busy thumping desks and demanding tough action against those immigrants and law breakers.

With an eye on the pecuniary wage increased bribes paid to the forces of Law and Order before the onset of the Miners strike of 1983, which allegedly saw well paid Policemen waving £10 notes at half starved striking miners on the picket lines, our Home Secretary demands to know why the Police can not use force against those known domestic extremist of extinction rebellion, Greenpeace and assorted tree huggers as they threaten to block Joe Normal’s path to the pie shop, work or a lengthy drive about in that 4 by 4. Averting, or at least keeping the looming climate catastrophe as high up the political agenda as possible is, according to Priti, a serious threat to the well being of our Nation.

With some within the Government machine making an effort to downplay the inclusion of well known dangerous groups such as Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and anti racist campaigners within official lists of domestic extremists ripe for referral to the Prevent programme, the Home Secretary has thrown another shovel full of coal onto the pyre she intends to light under the concept of freedom of speech by proclaiming the righteousness of their inclusion.

Whether or not we witness lines of paramilitary clad police officers baton charging their way through desultory groups of climate concerned pensioners and school children, what is certain, is that fear of becoming “other” to the mainstream “normal”, of being seen as being on a par to those who might plot to blow themselves up inside a railway station should not be underestimated.

Expect to see concerned parents trying desperately to reel in and restrain their children’s determination to make a stand for their collective future, forever fearful of a knock on the door, removal of electronic devices (for forensic examination) and an introduction for their child that might go something like “Hi, I’m Timmy and I would really like to chat with you about your mistaken intention to bring down the economy.”

Priti has made it clear, over the years, that she would favour harsher prison sentencing and the ultimate contemporary red meat of a return to the noose. She became more than a little grumpy, allegedly, by the High Court’s prevention of the deportations of convicted felons to countries many have not seen for decades.

In short, our new Home Secretary possesses the sort of instinctive political credentials that might well make the most despotic dictator swoon. As such, she is, in common with the canary down the mine shaft; an indicator of our times. Her pronouncements potential music to the ears of elements of our most avaricious elites. It might not be exactly now, but all in all, it is Priti well almost Fascism.


Published by

Paul Glendenning

Community Support worker, Green socialist and a believer and willing campaigner for an alternative to the presently dominant Neo-Liberal political consensus - as introduced by the arrival of the first Thatcher Government and slavishly followed by every UK Government since. For me, climate change, environmental degradation through pollution and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are the greatest threats facing humanity and threaten the very future of our species. I make common cause with those who share a will to create a more collective, tolerant and equitable World. Civilisation can only be measured by how well we as a society care for and support the most vulnerable within our population. Sadly, right at this time in our history; there are as yet undiscovered tribes within the deepest rainforest who would be demonstrably more civilised than the UK in 2019.

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