You’ve got to wait a month for another food parcel. Universal Credit is literally starving people.

“Be kind to each other, help each other and be thoughtful of others. Everyone’s path in life might be different but that doesn’t make them a lesser person than you or I.” Charlotte’s words lifted from her latest bog post; an account of a few of the the people and their stories she and her team have encountered whilst trying to offer a little light in the darkness of their lives.

The UK in 2020 is a place of sharp contrast. At the top of the economic pile, wealth continues to grow with rising numbers of millionaires together with a swelling wealth management industry. As you allow your gaze to fall, economic and social insecurity mounts, the closer to the bottom end you reach. It really does never cease to amaze me to see just how inhumane our welfare system has become over the last ten years. It seems that however many suicides occur, children arrive hungry at school or families lose their homes, the system supposedly designed to help them, in reality, pushes them deeper into the mire with its complexity, sanctions and unjustifiable delays between initial claim and first payment. We all owe Charlotte and people who like her strive to shine a light in the darkness. Her record will stand and one day, I hope, might be used to call those responsible to account.

Please follow and share her blog and lend your support in every way you can.

The poor side of life

Dear readers, it’s freezing cold out there and the wind chill certainly isn’t helping. Today I woke up to snow but it quickly melted and at the moment the sun is shining. We’ve had endless rain so it’s so good to see it.

As usual we handed out all the food parcels and we gave everyone help and advice to everyone that required it. We gave everyone a copy of our survival guide as well.

It was a strange morning, quiet at first, most likely because of the snow. Needless to say we still spoke to lots of people. Some needed help, others needed someone to talk to. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t see anyone to speak to from week to week.

The first conversation that I had was with a woman struggling with her housing benefit and the council. She was patiently waiting for her son to…

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Paul Glendenning

Community Support worker, Green socialist and a believer and willing campaigner for an alternative to the presently dominant Neo-Liberal political consensus - as introduced by the arrival of the first Thatcher Government and slavishly followed by every UK Government since. For me, climate change, environmental degradation through pollution and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are the greatest threats facing humanity and threaten the very future of our species. I make common cause with those who share a will to create a more collective, tolerant and equitable World. Civilisation can only be measured by how well we as a society care for and support the most vulnerable within our population. Sadly, right at this time in our history; there are as yet undiscovered tribes within the deepest rainforest who would be demonstrably more civilised than the UK in 2019.

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