Why Britain’s Coronavirus Strategy is Literally One of the Most Insane Things in Modern History


umair haque

March 12th 2020

I know: it’s a big claim. “One of the most insane ideas in modern history?” He can’t be serious! You, my friend, can be the judge.

You’ve heard, by now, of America’s bizarre, dismal lack of a response to Coronavirus. But Britain’s lack of a response is even crazier. Yes, really. America’s not responding because it’s a broken society with no public goods: it can’t. But Britain’s not responding because it doesn’t think it should — a conclusion reached by one of the most surreal cocktails of arrogance, pseudoscience, and crackpot punditry the modern world has ever seen.

Imagine that the anti-vaxxers took over a whole society. Britain’s currently in the midst of something exactly, precisely like that, except for a global pandemic — Coronavirus.

Let me give you the facts. According to Robert Peston, one of the UK’s top journalists, Britain’s leaders’ brilliant idea is…”to allow the virus to pass through the entire population so that we acquire herd immunity.” Other journalists have noted the same thing.

Wait, what? “Herd immunity”? What’s that, you ask? Here’s your answer, dear reader.

Herd immunity describes how a population is protected from a disease after vaccination by stopping the germ responsible for the infection being transmitted between people.” In other words, we vaccinate about half the population or more, and then everyone else is protected, too (especially like immunocompromised people, for whom vaccines can be genuinely dangerous.)

Did you see a small problem between the British government’s definition of herd immunity…and what it actually is? Herd immunity is — the real thing — what happens after enough members of a population have been vaccinated. It’s not…just letting an entire nation be rampaged by a lethal virus for which there’s no vaccine. How much death and mayhem would that cause, by the way? “57 million people infected and 1.1 million people dying.”

Good, sweet Lord. Let me summarize. Britain’s leaders appear to want the whole nation to get Coronavirus because they don’t understand basic science, logic, or history — they think that everyone getting sick magically confers resistance on a nation. That is not how disease works. Herd immunity is what happens after large-scale vaccination, as a viral infection subsides. It’s not…just letting a virus run rampant, with the bizarre, vague hope that naturally acquired immunity will somehow emerge and spread amongst the population. That is just a recipe for absolute catastrophe.

Published by

Paul Glendenning

Community Support worker, Green socialist and a believer and willing campaigner for an alternative to the presently dominant Neo-Liberal political consensus - as introduced by the arrival of the first Thatcher Government and slavishly followed by every UK Government since. For me, climate change, environmental degradation through pollution and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are the greatest threats facing humanity and threaten the very future of our species. I make common cause with those who share a will to create a more collective, tolerant and equitable World. Civilisation can only be measured by how well we as a society care for and support the most vulnerable within our population. Sadly, right at this time in our history; there are as yet undiscovered tribes within the deepest rainforest who would be demonstrably more civilised than the UK in 2019.

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